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Warning Signs of Fractures in Morgantown

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Aug 10, 2016 9:00:00 AM

People can obtain fractures in many different ways, but what if it's not always obvious? What are the warning signs of fractures?


Fractures or broken bones, are among the most common orthopedic problem today.  Approximately 6.3 million fractures occur each year in the U.S.

While fractures may be a common occurrence, many people often forgo the warning signs.

The following is what you should be looking for:

  • Pain in the injured area that gets worse when the area is moved or pressure is applied
  • Swelling or bruising in the injured area
  • Obvious deformity in the injured area
  • Difficulty using or moving the injured area in a normal manner
  • Warmth, bruising or redness in the injured area

Once you have recognized the symptoms of a fracture, you will then need a doctor to determine the type you have. There are many different types of fractures, such as:

  • Greenstick fracture: An incomplete fracture in which the bone is bent. This type of fracture occurs most often in children.
  • Transverse fracture: A fracture at a right angle to the bone's axis.
  • Oblique fracture: A fracture in which the break is at an angle to the bone’s axis.
  • Comminuted fracture: A fracture in which the bone fragments into several pieces.
  • Impacted fracture: Is one whose ends are driven into each other. This commonly occurs with arm fractures in children and is sometimes known as a buckle fracture.

You will need a  doctor to do a careful examination to assess your overall condition, as well as the extent of the injury. Your doctor will likely use an x-ray to verify the diagnosis. X-rays can show whether a bone is intact or broken. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, they can prescribe you the proper treatment to heal your fracture.

The orthopedic surgeons at Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates in Morgantown, West Virginia, can determine what kind of fracture you have and help you in the next step of your recovery.

If you have or suspect you have a fracture or broken bone, MOA would love to help you. Schedule an appointment with one of the Morgantown orthopedic surgeons today by calling 304-599-0720 or visit the website to learn more!



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