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See your orthopedic doctor in Marion County!

Dr. Micucci will begin seeing patients on April 11th at Mon Health Primary Care in Fairmont. Call 304-599-0720 to schedule an appointment.


Forward Thinking. Since 1977.

Our surgeons at Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates, Inc. have been providing cutting-edge orthopedic care to Morgantown and North Central West Virginia since 1977.

Proud Partners with Mon Health.

MOA surgical procedures are performed in the state-of-the-art Orthopedic Center at Mon Health Medical Center and the Mon Health Center for Outpatient Surgery. We are proud to call Mon Health our partner and our home.



“I was in an extreme amount of pain before I contacted MOA. Having my hips replaced at MOA was the best thing I have ever done! After my surgery, my freedom of movement improved 100 percent! I can’t praise Dr. Conjeski enough.”

“I had trouble riding my motorcycle before my surgery, but I will be back on it this spring! I am more than pleased with MOA! Their entire care staff is excellent, compassionate and considerate.”

Robert Logan

“Before I contacted MOA, I was not living, and the pain was controlling me. After my knee replacements, my quality of life changed dramatically. I have been able to walk again. Dr. Conjeski is knowledgeable and has a good bedside manner. I will continue to give him high marks because he deserves them!”

“I had my first total knee replacement at MOA done in July 2019. By that fall in October, I hiked 2.5 miles. I couldn’t have done that before my surgery! Anytime I see someone on Facebook mention their knee problems, I tell them to visit Dr. Conjeski. I always have and will continue to recommend him!”

Brenda Shaffer
“I used to suffer from severe pain, and I couldn’t walk. Since my hip replacements at MOA, my quality of life has changed 100% for the better! Dr. Conjeski is understanding and made me feel safe. He gave me back my dignity, my confidence and my life. The entire staff at MOA is all fantastic!”
Helen Harris

“My daughter loves to run, but before contacting MOA, she could not fully participate with her middle school cross-country team. She had significant pain in her feet and her ankle, even just when walking around school. Since her foot surgeries at MOA, she is back to running pain-free!”  

“I would highly recommend Dr. Conjeski at MOA! He is kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent and skilled. It is not easy for any parent to trust someone else with the well-being of their child, but Dr. Conjeski has proved himself worthy of that trust.”

Allison Callahan (via her mother)

“Before contacting MOA, I had to give up golf, bowling and all everyday functions of being able to walk around and be with my grandkids. My surgery at MOA was the greatest blessing I ever had. The team at MOA got me back to where I needed to be!” 

“Since my procedures at MOA, I feel like I am back to normal as I was in my 30’s and 40’s. I experienced a fast recovery and great care from MOA. I call it a 200% return -- 100% return on both of my legs! I am elated, and I couldn't be any happier with them!”

Edward Willard

“Dr. Micucci set personal goals for me. He reminded me always to trust the process. He made it very personal, and he cared -- the whole staff at MOA did. Having experienced two ACL reconstructions was disheartening at first, but you can overcome anything through hard work and perseverance. I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life. MOA got me back to playing at the top of my college career.” 

“Dr. Micucci and the staff at MOA are very personal and gave me a strong support system. For my second ACL surgery, I had been apart from them for years, but they welcomed me like family. This type of support system in a surgeon and Dr. Micucci’s staff is something that I value.”

Hannah McClung
“I had complete recovery in all of my procedures at MOA. They have done everything for me, and they have done a great job! I make sure to tell anyone that has problems about my experience at MOA. MOA is a great place, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
Lucy Labin
“Before I contacted MOA, I had no use of my right arm and shoulder. After my surgery and physical therapy, I got 100 percent use out of it! I would recommend MOA. Dr. Micucci did a wonderful job and did the procedure right to where everything worked perfectly!”
Dana Harn

“The more time I spent on my knee, the more it hurt. I had discomfort and pain when walking, and I had trouble hunting. Since my procedure with MOA, my quality of life has dramatically improved. I have no more pain!” 

“I couldn’t move before I contacted MOA. I had a crushed kneecap and broken tibia. It took about two years to return to 100 percent, but now I have no pain! I walk between three and five miles, five days per week, and I can run 5Ks. I am doing fantastic!” 

“We would absolutely, 100 percent, recommend MOA. The staff was amazing! We ended up like family.”

Joe and Lana Capp
"The pain in my knee made it unbearable to walk or play golf. Because of my total knee outpatient surgery at MOA, I walk great now and can finally get back to the things I love doing."
Jerry Hider

"There was not much cushion left in my knee. The immediate years before the surgery, I couldn’t run or play with my grandkids due to the pain. Since my total knee replacement at MOA, my life has gotten much better. I can now play with my grandkids, which is the most important thing!"

Edwin Fortney

COVID-19 statement

We are still seeing patients and are following CDC guidelines and precautions. We take patient and staff safety seriously and want to continue to provide orthopedic services to our community, as appropriate.

To accomplish this goal, we are now offering telemedicine appointments.

Contact our office to discuss scheduling an in-person or virtual appointment by calling 304-599-0720.

Thank you for trusting us with your orthopedic needs!

For more information about COVID-19 visit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/index.html